Hargeisa, Somaliland


Our Team

Our Team


Meg Meiners, Head of School

Meg was raised in East Africa and attended international school in Kenya until finishing secondary. She studied Secondary Education and History for her Bachelor’s in the United States and then moved to Tanzania to pursue a career in teaching in 2005. She has taught at a number of different levels, ranging from A-levels International History to Early Years Swimming. Meg moved to School Administration in 2018 as the Primary Principal at a school in Zanzibar, Tanzania and into a shared role as Primary Principal and Student Services Coordinator the following year. Since the, she has completed her Masters in Special Educational Needs. Meg has three children who attend Kaabe.

Hamse Omar, Director of Operations and Finance


Warsan Mohamed, Deputy Head of School

Warsan attended the Abaarso School of Science and Technology from 2010 to 2014. She was one of the first group of 4 students from Somaliland to attend United World Colleges. Later, she pursued her education at Luther College in Iowa, majoring in Elementary Education. Upon completing her degree in 2020, she returned to Somaliland and began her journey with Kaabe Schools, as a classroom teacher. After two years of dedicated teaching, she transitioned into a leadership role at Kaabe as a school manager. Now, as the Deputy Head of Kaabe schools, she has been part of the network for four years.

School Leadership

Awo Mohamoud, Jigjigayar

My name is Awo Mohamoud. I was born in Norway but have spent most of my life in the UK in the city of Birmingham. I also lived and taught in a school in Cardiff, Wales. I graduated from Staffordshire university with a BSc in Psychology and Criminology. The study of humans and why we do what we do has always been an interest of mine. I then did my Master’s in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics at Coventry University. I met many international students and my love for teaching English grew here. I have worked with children ages 11-16 teaching them English and humanities subjects. I moved to Somaliland to work at Kaabe for one of our campuses in Jigjigayar with my three children, two of which attend Kaabe. I love what Kaabe stands for and I’m passionate about my work here in Somaliland.

Joyce Ogutu, New Hargeisa


Fardosa Good, Masalaha


Prerana Nair, Berbera

Prerana comes from Aurangabad a city in Maharashtra, India and holds a Primary level AMI Montessori International Diploma. She worked as a digital facilitator, trainer and content creator with IMB’s STEM for girl’s program led by Quest Alliance. She has also worked at the Tamarind Tree School with tribal students from western India on an individualized self-paced learning model. An individual with multi-disciplinary interests, Pree is a statistician, mountaineer and permaculture designer and has pioneered as a field researcher across India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. She has always been vocal about issues regarding social justice and environmental sustainability across her work.