Hargeisa, Somaliland


Kaabe Schools

Pioneering student centered, community oriented, inclusive education for Somaliland by Somalilanders

Who we are

The Kaabe Schools are new K-12 day schools in Somaliland, launched by the Abaarso School team. Abaarso students became the first from their country in decades to matriculate to US universities including MIT, Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Columbia.

Our approach

Kaabe Schools believe in a student-centric approach where the school is designed for the students, rather than the teachers. All students are known and treated as individuals, challenged appropriately, and given the opportunity to explore their interests.

Our goal

Kaabe Schools empower young men and women to drastically improve the lives of their people. By focusing on the values of Improvement, Gratitude, and Community, our alumni will be both prepared and motivated to make a positive difference.


Kaabe Schools have a Montessori-inspired approach at the primary level where children use physical materials to learn complex concepts through simple, concrete experiences.

Students individually advance through math, English, logic, science, and geography at their own pace and are appropriately challenged.

In accordance with Somaliland culture and policy, our students learn Islamic Studies five days per week.

Teaching teams

Kaabe Schools teaching teams are a mixture of experienced teachers and administrators from abroad as well as homegrown Somaliland talent from Abaarso School and Barwaaqo University.

These hybrid teams offer a powerful blend of expertise, ideas, methods, and understanding of Somali culture.

community schools

Kaabe Schools are meant to serve their surrounding communities. Each school has a community board with local representatives and parents who can help develop a deep bond between the school and community.

Kaabe Schools have monthly community events that teach the students and their families about Somali culture and history or provide access to health and wellness.

Latest Updates

  • Vision Screenings at Kaabe

    This past month, Abaarso Network partnered with a local business to provide free vision screenings to our Kaabe primary school students. Many families struggle to…